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Enchroma holds public information event at Optometric Center & Eyewear Galleria

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Thank you to enchroma for coming to our practice for the second year in a row!  Mark and BrieAnn educated our community on their breakthrough lens technology to help those who are colorblind. We had several people that were able to see color accurately for the very first time.  1 in 12 men are color vision deficient and 1 in 200 women are color vision deficient  The most common form of color vision deficient is red-green.  The light box display below demonstrates what color vision deficient people see on the left and normal color vision with enchroma lenses on the right.  

One of the most memorable experiences I had was when of our patients thought my pants were grey. He put on the glasses and said, “They are purple, I thought they were grey.” It was amazing to be able to confirm what he was actually seeing!  Another person thought the sky was white until he put on the enchroma glasses.  He soon realized it was a sunny day with blue skies.  

We are looking forward to the new eyeglass lens that will be released from enchroma in the next several weeks.  The lenses have been re-engineered to deliver a significant gain in color enhancement performance. Please call our office  925-743-1222 for more details or email [email protected]


Written by Dr. Michael Duong

Dr. Duong received his bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry at San Jose State University. He then attended Pennsylvania College of Optometry and received his Doctor of Optometry in 2009.
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