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Colorful & Vibrant Vision

Currently, color vision deficiency (CVD) affects about 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women, which dulls, mutes, or even changes the colors you see.

EnChroma lenses are your way of discovering the crisp, vibrant vision you deserve, and we offer them here at Optometric Center & Eyewear Galleria! We can diagnose the type of CVD you and find the right lenses to help. All you have to do is book your appointment!

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What Is Color Vision Deficiency?

Color vision deficiency, commonly known as color blindness, affects your ability to recognize certain types of color. While many people who have CVD can see various colors, the type of CVD they have can mute, change, or dull others. This condition occurs when certain cells in your retina, known as photopigments, fail to read certain wavelengths of light.

For example, people with red-green color blindness might have difficulty seeing the “red” in colors like orange or purple.

There are 3 different categories of color blindness:

Red-Green Color Blindness

Red-green color blindness is the most common category, and it affects how you interpret red and green. There are 4 types of red-green color blindness:

  • Deuteranomaly causes green colors to look more like red.
  • Protanomaly causes red to look more green.
  • Protanopia and deuteranopia make it difficult to tell the difference between red and green.

Blue-yellow color blindness affects how you see blue and yellow. There are 2 different types:

  • Tritanomaly affects your ability to distinguish the difference between blue and green, or yellow and red.
  • Tritanopia mutes all color vibrancy and affects how your eyes tell the difference between blue and green, purple and red, or yellow and pink.

Complete color blindness, or achromatopsia, is the complete lack of color vision. It is very rare and only affects 1 in 30,000 people.

How Do EnChroma Lenses Work?

EnChroma lenses are the leading CVD aid recommended by eye care professionals worldwide.

They increase the contrast between color signals, particularly for those with red-green color blindness like deuteranomaly and protanomaly.

EnChroma lenses will not give color vision to those with complete color blindness and are not intended to help those with blue-yellow color deficiencies. However, we can still determine which lenses are right for you during an eye exam.

Take the EnChroma Color Vision Test

Some people might not know they have CVD! Since the condition only changes the way you interpret colors, your “green” might be another person’s “red.” CVD is generally not a cause for concern, as many people can live day-to-day with color blindness safely. However, some children may have trouble with certain learning techniques and assignments.

If you believe you might have color blindness, you can take the EnChroma Color Blind Test in less than 2 minutes! Take the test and then schedule your appointment with us today!

EnChroma Color Blind Test

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