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AmbioDisk for Dry Eyes

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Dry eye is a disease that causes irritation, redness, burning, and stinging.  There are many treatment options for dry eye including over-the-counter and prescription eye drops. A new treatment called AmbioDisk, about the size of a small contact lens contains amniotic membrane which has regenerative properties that can help bring the eye to a normal state.  The disk is placed on the front surface of the eye called the cornea.  Clinical studies have shown that AmbioDisk can heal the eye, soothe pain, and improve vision.  The disk can be inserted and removed in office.  

The disk is carefully placed on the cornea, then a soft contact lens is placed over the disk to keep it in place. Over a 5-7 day period, the nutrients from the disk dissolve into the cornea to help heal the eye.  The purpose of AmbioDisk iis to bring the eye back to a normal state where eye drops and conventional treatments can become more effective in the treatment of dry eyes.  

AmbioDisk can be used for the following conditions on the cornea:

  • Non-Healing Epithelial Corneal Defects
  • Corneal Erosions
  • Acute Chemical / Thermal Burns
  • Eye Infections
  • Dry Eyes

If you have any questions about the AmbioDisk treatment, please do not hesitate to contact our office for more details.


Written by Dr. Michael Duong

Dr. Duong received his bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry at San Jose State University. He then attended Pennsylvania College of Optometry and received his Doctor of Optometry in 2009.
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